Why is the Black River Black?

Why is the Black River Black?

A beautiful district to find property for sale in Mauritius is known as Black River or Rivire Noire (Mauritian Creole pronunciation). The Black River District derives its name primarily from the natural greyish and black basaltic mountainous rocks that are the hallmarks of the region. There are other natural phenomena that account for its exoticism.

It is on the western side of the island and gets less rainfall than the others. The district has a location of 259 square kilometres (100 sq mi) and the population quote was 80,939 since 31 December 2015.The Rivire Noire District consists of various areas; however, some areas are further divided into different suburban areas. Popular places include Tamarin Falls and the Chamarel coloured earth.

It is the 3rd largest district of Mauritius in area, however the tiniest in terms of population. The district is mostly rural, however it likewise consist of the western part of the city of Port Louis and western part of Quatre Bornes. Check out our wonderful properties below that have a ton of options of property for sale in the Black River (Rivire Noire).

Driving South towards la grassy field from Tamarin the journey can be broken at La preneuse and some 2 kilometres away at La Grande Riviere Noire, a little further down at small riviere noire. All these villages are found on the western coast.

The region is best understood for the Black River Gorges. The opportunity to stop at La Preneuse can not be missed out on. it is the most gorgeous beach on the western littoral that bewitches visitors and obliges a couple of hours’ stay and have some enjoyable swimming, using the sand, building sand castles or chasing after the tiny crabs to their burrow.

La Preneuse has a two-century old cemetery. It consists of tombs of fantastic visitors and administrators. Colonel Edward Alured Draper lies there in peace and all peacefulness. Mauritians owe to him among their preferred pastimes: horse riding. The MTC has actually reserved an event called the Draper’s mile run over a range of 1500 metres. There is ample scope likewise for many sea-related activities that delight young and old. The next stopover is La Grande Rivire Noire, another seaside village with a population of around 2000 residents, primarily anglers. Check out some of our beautiful properties for sale in Black River and Mauritius below.