Luxury Spanish Lifestyle

Luxury Spanish Lifestyle – Sailing Adventures

Luxury Spanish Lifestyle – Sailing Adventures

Spain’s diverse coastal scenery and sandy beaches make it a great sailing adventure. Although you will not get away from all the tourists, a private yacht will make you feel a bit closer to genuine Spain. As well as allow you to embrace that  wonderful luxury Spanish lifestyle.

Moreover, there are lots of places to visit though sailing instead of islands hopping. Although it can be tough to prevent some duplication of stops as you head back to base. If you want some longer sails, alternative destinations are to head to Minorca about 35nm remote from the north east end of Majorca. Or Ibiza, about 60nm off the opposite end. Furthermore, for those that like being tied to something solid in the evening. There are plenty of marinas and harbours but these can get booked up quickly, particularly in high season.

Luxury Lifestyle Spain

Planning and booking in advance is highly advised to get a spot. There are plenty of locations to anchor. However frustratingly, some of the best areas are often buoyed off to avoid boats getting in amongst bathers. And the location left is frequently just unfathomable to get an excellent hold.

To make the most of the luxury Spanish lifestyle pair that yacht or boating experience with a beautiful property, take us up on some of our suggestions close to stunning marinas – check out some of our stunning property for sale spain – this beautiful part of the world and get started on exploring Spain, perhaps via boat, today!