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Property For Sale Porto

Search Fine Luxury Property to find Porto Real Estate For Sale. Porto, or Oporto, is the second largest city in Portugal, famous for it’s Duoro wines and Port. Property for sale Porto has risen substantially over the previous years primarily due to high demand and its more affordable nature than its close rival Lisbon. With relatively more affordable apartments for sale in Porto Portugal, and cooler climate. Porto Portugal still remains a beautiful attraction to visitors and repatriates looking for their porto real estate whilst keeping close to the affluent historical core in their apartment in Porto.

Porto Property For Sale

Emerging from it’s sister-city’s shadow, it has been voted as the best destination in Europe more than once! It’s friendliness and warmth attract many back to it’s spectacular location on the banks of the Duoro River – Porto Real Estate.

It’s medieval heart, the old-town, is centred in Ribeira, built on the hills overlooking the river and was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1996.

Purchasing an elegant apartment here would allow you to immerse yourself in Porto’s incredible culture and history.

Apartments for sale in Porto Portugal

Alternatively, there are luxury estates for sale in the exclusive Foz do Douro or Nevogilde that provides a lifestyle by the sea, the beach, and several parks  all on your doorstep. There is something for everyone from the premium real estate of Guerra Junqueiro street to the prestigious Avenida Marechal Gomes da Costa and Avenida dos Aliados – these are the most expensive areas . Or how about a luxury apartment for sale in Gaia which gives you one of the finest views of this remarkable Portugese town? Take a search and see the Porto real estate for sale and we’d love to talk to you if you need further information.

Porto is now a modern weekend break destination thanks to direct flights from most European countries, as well as direct flights from the United States. The city has seen an increase in ownership of second property in Porto; there is good potential for earning income from renting out property to tourists visiting. If you are looking for a diverse and eclectic listing of property for sale Porto has it all.

Porto is not a new city, but it is a modern city.

Porto has an ancient port and as such, the city has grown on its past trading wealth foundations. Today you’ll be able to locate fine villas in Porto for sale to suit your budget. As well as town houses and apartments. In addition to the bustle there is the calm of the suburbs. If you prefer searching for luxury villas Porto suburbs will certainly throw up more than a few gems for sale.

Porto is fast becoming a contender for most popular city in Portugal for retirees, vying for top spot over Lisbon.

However, it is also a great place to settle down if you are of working age. There are many opportunities for work. And, if you’re relocating to Porto with a young family. The education in Portugal is considered robust. The city is as you would expect it to be – fast paced with all the attractions a modern city can boast.

When you relocate to Porto and make it your permanent home. You’ll soon find the waterfront is the centre of the Porto nightlife scene. Wherever you choose to settle down in Porto. You’ll be surrounded by extraordinary architecture. Both old and established and new builds which are themed along traditional architectural lines.
What are you looking for? Are you considering buying a town house property or apartments for sale in Porto Portugal.  Close to the business centre, so your commute isn’t excessive? This may be ideal for someone who is planning on working and wants access to a business hub.

Luxury Porto has it all

Alternatively, if you’re retiring to the country, a villa located in one of the quiet suburbs might just fit the bill. There are many smart suburbs which are home to elegant villas, lining streets which are wide and easy to navigate.

Porto is a destination for visitors on short breaks and cultural visits. If you have the budget. Investing in a property within the city which you can rent out to provide regular income is becoming increasingly popular.

You are not alone.

Whatever your reason for buying a property in Portugal’s second city, you’re not alone. Thousands of people set down roots in this ancient city. Their reasons as diverse as their numbers. Let us help you find the best property most suited to the life you want to lead. We have a constantly changing portfolio of property from which you can look over to narrow down your search.


Is buying property in Portugal a good investment?
Buying a property in Portugal is a great investment, regardless if it is going to be your main property or a rental property for income. The value of the US dollar and the GB Pound is favourable against the Euro.