Moving to Portugal

Things To Know Before Moving To Portugal

Things To Know Before Moving To Portugal

If you have been thinking about moving to Portugal, permanently or for a holiday home, here are some things to consider before making the move.

Housing prices in Portugal vary considerably depending on the region you are looking at. However, is generally affordable and properties are well constructed. Groceries are low cost and there is wonderful local food. The warm sunny weather provides an ideal climate for sun seekers and retirees looking for sunnier climates. All these attributes have actually made Portugal one of the world’s most popular locations for people looking to move abroad. If you’ve ever dreamed of living life in a friendly, sunny location, then Portugal could offer you all you want.

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Additionally, with a long and excellent history. Portugal takes its art seriously and family is positioned at the heart of everything. Interestingly, Music is a vital part of this nation’s day to day life and you will hear conventional and modern music all over consisting of the beautiful and haunting tradition of Fado music.

Portuguese castles are also to be discovered and explored in all corners of Portugal. As well as gorgeous cathedrals and ancient Roman structures. Moreover, Portugal is a popular surfers’ paradise. And due to its unique geographical position, picks up swells which provide some of the best waves in the world.

Portugal Surfers Paradise

I addition, for lots of expats, the distance to the UK and the whole of Europe is a big draw. As is the existing vibrant community of expats who have already made the move. A community of fellow native English speakers is in some cases simply the important things for a worried recently retired expat. There are a lot of clubs and associations to sign up with to build new relationships and receive guidance of veteran expats already living in Portugal. So if you are thinking about moving to Portugal why not take a look at some of the amazing property for sale portugal we currently have listed for inspiration. Contact us if you have any questions!