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Luxury Property in Mauritius, discover our beautiful apartments and Villas for sale in Mauritius. We have a huge portfolio of seaview, beach and golf properties.

Luxury Property in Mauritius. With a population of 1. 3 million, it is a little nation in the Indian Ocean. It is located in the East of Madagascar and mainland Africa. The supply of Luxury Property in Mauritius has been growing year on year. It is due to the government which chose to open the island to foreign property buyers.

Wealthy expat have been attracted to Mauritius because of its beautiful surroundings and pristine beaches. Additionally, Mauritius offers great tax benefits to foreigners. And also an excellent educational system, a low criminal offense rate and a well-developed health care system. There are presently about 15,000 to 25,000 expatriates living in Mauritius, according to Gervel.

Check out our beautiful Luxury Property in Mauritius. The picturesque country of Mauritius is amazing. It has unspoilt beaches and azure waters provides an unique experience of European, African and Asian cultures. It is one of the leading three destinations in the warm Indian Ocean.

Looking for a house for sale in Mauritius and property. The surrounding islands have the most lovely beaches of the world and are covered by lush vegetation. The beaches of Mauritius are stunning and exceptionally gorgeous and its plants is rather sparse. Besides, Mauritius boasts a few of the most luxurious property for sale and resorts in the world, being on couple with those on the Maldives and better than those in the Seychelles.