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Property for sale Polop

The weather is warm and enjoyable during the majority of the year. The majority of the precipitation falls here in winter. And the summer season is usually dry and hot. Polop is surrounded by mountains. Ravines and forests. Making Property for sale Polop truly desirable.

The city of Polop is an excellent place to walk around. The narrow streets of the city are complete of history and secrets. As the archaeological remains confirm. In the modern city of Polop, there was an Iberian settlement. Throughout its history, Polop has actually stuck out for its tactical position as a military enclave thanks to the castle that crowned the hill.

The city itself was established in the 10th century by the Moors. At different times Polop came from various cultures. That were shown in the appearance of the city. The main destinations of Polop are its middle ages wall. The ruins of an Arab fortress. The church of San Pedro. And also the Sanctuary of the Divina Aurora.

Those who love hiking. Or mountaineering. Or simply opting for a walk in nature, fall for this place at very first sight. These are some of the advantages of residing in Polop. The pure mountain air. The sensational views. Its well-developed facilities.

In Polop there is everything you need for a complete life. The proximity of the beaches. Are just 13 km away are the beaches of Benidorm. And 22 km away are those of Calpe. The distance of large traveler cities with lots of home entertainment. In just 20 minutes, you reach Benidorm, and in 50 minutes, Alicante. If you love Polop, why not chekc out the ful list of our extenisive portfolio of properties for sale in Costa Blanca here.