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Property for sale Restelo 

Property for sale Restelo. The Portuguese capital is one of the finest to live. If not the very best. Be it a an apartment with a spectacular view. Or a vacation home with garden in a street where harmony is the watchword. Buying a villa Restelo is an ideal location to settle.

We  have some fantastic Restelo Real Estate. So don’t be shy and go and take a look at our Lisbon luxury property portfolio today. And of course, the terrific benefit is Restelo is within the city. Only a couple of minutes from the most significant shopping centers of the nation. And the special and luxurious Avenida da Liberdade.

It is a corner of Lisbon where you can breathe the pure air of the plentiful plants. Where we can impress and dream about huge and elegant homes. And go to buildings of terrific historical significance with Restelo Real Estate.

In Restelo the wealth is in the air! In Restelo area, luxurious and refined homes with magnificent views are all over the place. It presents mainly suburbs with single-family houses in the south zone.

Restelo Real Estate

The view from Restelo is splendid, covering the south bank of the Tagus. With the Cristo-Rei, the 25 de abril Bridge, the sea of?? straw and the river mouth. Nowadays, Restelo, previously called Encosta da Ajuda, is among the nicest and calm neighbourhoods of Lisbon and it has undergone a city intervention in the 20th century. The? Restelo? was so called by the distance to the port of ‘Rastelo’ on the beach of Belm. It is one of the truly amazing area of th city where the river Tagus meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Anybody searching for a location far from the hustle and bustle of the locations dynamic city. Those searching for a location where you can ride your bike or do an early morning or evening jogging. Villa Restelo is the ideal place to live. Additionally, the area of Restelo has also numerous green and leisure locations. Where you can delight in very nice moments. The Urban Park dos Moinhos de Santana is an interesting point for a walk outdoors. In the park there are two mills in a leisure and unwinding location with the green of nature and the lake waters as a background.