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Property for sale Cedofeita

Search Fine Luxury Property to find Property for sale Cedofeita . It is a Portuguese parish, located in the municipality of Porto. Previously an industrial area, the factories are no longer active.

It has one of the finest views in Porto. From the Fontainhas, a must stop area during São João festivities. You get a stunning view over the Duoro. It is also home to the city’s main Library.

The area has good connections to public transportation, being part of the metro grid in Porto.

Truly a spiritual neighbourhood. The two towers that stand either side of the doors were completed in around 1772, and the detailing is rococo. So if you’ve got some spiritual vibes and looking for property for sale in Cedofeita. it’s a match made in heaven. Nosso Senhor do Bonfim is a Catholic church, it also incorporates elements of Candombl, a form of worship with its roots in African Yoruba beliefs.

A scene of men thanking Bonfim for securing their lives after a shipwreck is painted onto the ceiling. While blue and white Portuguese tiled panels in the side rooms depict other religious scenes. Visitors can attend the numerous regular services it’s finest to stick around at the back and observe. Though typically members of the parish are inviting and used to seeing travelers.

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