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Property for sale Foz do Douro

Property for sale Foz do Douro  is a  fantastic place to own a house. Since it is near to the city centre and at the same time maintaining a countryside environment. Although this area was built up in the last decade there are still some chances to find Foz do Douro real estate that give you a good return on your investment.

Foz Do Douro Property for sale

Take a walk through one of its beautiful streets and you will find any kind of seafood restaurant that suits your needs. Clothes stores at the best prices. And if you really want to try Portuguese products just go down to the market. Where local farmers sell their harvest for unbeatable prices.

The views in Foz do Douro have been the most sought after recently. If you want to sell or rent out your property go ahead. In case of buying a home, remember that lending conditions depend on how much capital you need  and what kind of loan terms are you are offered. So always ask the bank for help.

Foz Do Douro property for sale

It includes some beaches, but still has beautiful countryside views with lots of green areas around it. There are many bars and restaurants in Foz do Douro. Which makes it an ideal place to go out on weekends. Porto  is considered one of the best places to live in Portugal . It has more than 170 monuments, being famous for its amazing tiled pavements that can be found everywhere around the city centre.

Porto is well-known as ‘the Portuguese Venice’ thanks to its outstanding city center and amazing riverside walks. Furthermore, many people like Porto because it’s close to beaches and romantic villages such as Caminha . The local gastronomy is also remarkable, especially the fish and seafood.

If you like sports, the best thing you can do in Porto  is to practice water sports since its sea has a very special blue color that you will love it. Recreational activities are also possible thanks to Porto’s beautiful parks. You can go cycling or simply take a walk close to one of its many lakes if you want to rest after all this activity.

Mild climate, beaches nearby, historical sites, outstanding cuisine… if the list of reasons to live in Porto is long, it’s because this amazing city is unique!

Concerned about how you are going to feed your family? Foz do Douro has many supermarkets. Like foz do Douro, why not check out our full portfolio f properties for sale in Porto Now.