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Property for sale Mafra. A city and a municipality of Portugal’s west coast, as well as part of the greater Lisbon subregion. If you’re looking for Mafra real estate for sale you’ve come to the right place.

The Mafra National Palace is the most important historical building of Mafra. It was built as a monastery then later converted into a palace. It was used for the House of Braganza monarchs when Portugal was under rule by Spain. The construction, which took place during two phases beginning around 1717 and concluding in the 1740s, was ordered by King John V (1707-50). In order to celebrate the birth of a son and heir to the throne (the future Joseph I, who was born in 1714) – what a feat.

Mafra National Palace is an excellent example of one of Europe’s most elaborate Baroque monasteries. The Mafra basilica is modelled on the Church of Sainte-Genevieve in Paris. Mafra has 4,500+ windows! This may be confusing for some people at first glance so keep this information in mind while looking through Mafra Portugal real estate listings.
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The Mafra Palace complex comprises Mafra National Palace itself with its large church, monastery buildings, courtyards, gardens and orchards. All belonging to each other but enclosed within high walls. Mafra National Palace and Mafra basilica are among the most characteristic examples of 18th-century Portuguese architecture and art. while Mafra National Palace is an outstanding example of Baroque ecclesiastical art in Portugal. All Mafra buildings are a World Heritage sites.

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With its 2,500+ rooms it is considered the largest royal palace in Europe by floor area. Mafra basilica is built in a very pure classical style, which was strongly influenced by Italian Baroque; its floor plan has the shape of a Greek cross with large cupola. Mafra villas usually have two or more floors and a private garage or carport attached to them for use by owners.

What is ‘Marfra’ – Definition And Explanation…
Another interesting sidebar is the definition of Mafra. ‘Mafra houses’ are built mostly of stone bricks, Mafra villas are located in Mafra city but Mafra houses are usually found elsewhere around Lisbon. Mafras real estate market is composed mainly of Mafra homes for sale and Mafra apartments or Mafra condos for sale.

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A Mafra house, or Mafra villa, is a Portuguese individualized style of architecture. It has a particular clustering of exterior elements and decoration. Mafra houses were built from the late 17th century until the mid-20th century in Mafra. But also in some other places north of Lisbon where Mafra National Palace was constructed. As part of a Royal Palace complex.

Mafras’s first King, John V admired Italian art and had Italian architects designing his court. As a result, styles originating from Italy began to influence Mafra’s architecture starting in the early 18th century.

One distinguishing feature of Mafra villas is the Mafra pediment. In Mafra they are triple-arched and symmetrical. While elsewhere in Portugal they tend to be double-arched and asymmetrical. Mafras’s villas always follow a main rectangular floor-plan with two symmetrical wings surrounding an open space (which typically holds Mafra National Palace).
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