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Property For Sale in Obidos

Property for sale in Obidos. It is an attractive gem with white washed houses and cobble stoned streets will take you back in time. Before and supply the perfect setting for a leisurely walk admiring the lovely town.

Each year Obidos’ castle grounds play host to numerous events consisting of the Chocolate Celebration. Middle Ages Fair. Opera Celebration. And Christmas Town.

The beach here is a natural wonder and on one side provides the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The other, attractive, peaceful waters of the Obidos Lagoon. The Lagoon is ideal for kids and a range of water sports. They are even said to have therapeutic properties.

Obidos Real Estate

Located close to the capital and situated on high ground near the Atlantic coast, Obidos has actually had a strategic importance in the area. It had actually currently been settled prior to the Romans’ arrival in the Iberian Peninsula, and the town prospered after being picked by the royal family. Historically, Obidos existed to the Queen of Portugal on her wedding, a custom that started with Queen Urraca in 1214 and continued up until the 19th century.

Up until the 15th century there was a natural harbour on the western side of Obidos and ships would moor at the base of the battlements. The coastline was modified drastically from the 15th century due to a tsunami and relentless winter storms. These effective natural forces formed sandbars that minimized the flow of water to the harbour and formed today coastline which is 10km to the west of Obidos. Why not take a look at the beach homes, villas and apartments available to buy. If you love obidos, why not check out the full list of our properties for sale in the silver coast here.