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Property For Sale in Vilamoura 

Search Fine Luxury Property to find Property For Sale in Vilamoura. Vilamoura and the surrounding area offer an amazingly diverse experience to all who visit, live or work in the area.

Vilamoura is the destination of choice for many expat retirees for a number of reasons. The wonderful weather, which is on a par with southern Italy and southern Greece, is one of the main reasons! However, unlike southern Italy or the south of France, property in Vilamoura is much better value. In Vilamoura there is a diverse selection of property for sale.

Vilamoura Real Estate For Sale

If you are looking for a Portuguese villa set in a plot of land, Monte Vilamoura will not disappoint. But that isn’t to say that property is too expensive for mere mortals. There are many villas in Monte Vilamoura which are smaller in size but can comfortably work for a family and do not have expansive grounds which have to be tended. Many villas also have a pool which for many expats is high up on their wish list.
Quarteira Property
It sits between Vilamoura and Faro and was among the very first vacation resorts to be established on the Algarve.

Vilamoura Villas For sale

The tourism boom has seen the area grow from a traditional fishing town to a popular resort with big hotels. Although not to everyone’s taste the resort is a favourite with holiday makers. Therefore it is an attractive location for investors looking to buy holiday accommodation.

There is a classy marina and a vast choice of dining establishments and bars. 10 golf courses an fun activities on both water and land are located near to Quarteira. Nearby is the fantastic town of Vilamoura which offers even more amenities. The upscale marina in Vilamoura is surrounded by high end hotels, dining and shopping complexes and the harbour has a legion of super yachts.

Sports fans will enjoy the various bars on the waterside certified by well-known sports stars such as the 7 Figo Bar and the CR7 store. There are historical Roman ruins to discover and explore where you ‘d least expect them, a couple of moments from Vilamoura’s modern-day marina.

Properties For Sale in Vilamoura Portugal

The Algarve is nothing like the Portugal Riviera located to the south and west of the capital Lisbon. The weather is of course similar all year round, but the Algarve is the longest established tourist destination in Portugal so the infrastructure is that much more refined. In the Algarve there are fewer listings of older style traditional villas that one might find in the towns and village of the Riviera such as Estoril and Sintra. You will find more listings of villas for sale on purpose built residential developments.

Vilamoura is renowned for it’s golf courses; so much so that the only greenery. You’ll find in the hot summer months is the perfectly manicured greens of the Algarve’s many courses. The year round temperate climate is hardly interrupted, even in the depths of winter. Living in the Algarve, especially in Vilamoura which is a stone’s throw from several magnificent beaches, you’ll often have the beach to yourself. With over 200 miles of magnificent beaches, the cooler months of the year they are free from tourists, only the odd person here or there enjoying the solitude.
Vilamoura is a wonderful place to live.

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