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Property for sale Alcacer Do Sal

Search Fine Luxury Property to find Property for sale Alcacer do Sal. It is a Alentejo town located on the left bank of the River Sado. Right before it widens into a tremendous estuary.

The low-lying countryside is a patchwork of rice fields and coniferous forest that yields a huge pine nut harvest. Alcacer do Sal is still marshalled by a medieval castle. With an outstanding museum in its crypt that exposes 2,700 years of history.

Let’s explore the Castelo De Alcacer Do Sal. This rocky promontory by the Sado River has been lived in given that time immemorial. During the Moorish occupation it was an important provincial fortress with a powerful keep and 20 towers that climbed up to over 25 metres. But by the 16th century the castle was outdated and was become a convent.

In the upper reaches stick around for a minute to value the huge, flat stretch of the plain where rice fields line the course of the river. There are 27 centuries of history in the subterranean galleries beneath the castle. And every couple of metres you’ll discover yourself in a new civilisation.

The earliest traces of habitation here are from the Iron Age. Around 700 BC and from then on a succession of cultures left their mark. Ending with the Moors in the middle ages. In the displays are artefacts like busts, pottery and statuettes from each overlapping date.

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