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Your destination for buying luxury property for sale in Comporta, Portugal. Discover your dream home among our modern houses and villas for sale.

It is about an hour‘s drive to the south of the Capitol. Fast becoming the french riviera of Portugal. Comporta Villas and Comporta Portugal Real Estate have been in very high demand with prices rising.

On the Sado estuary Comporta Portugal real Estate is located on the Troia Peninsula. When people talk about Comporta, most of the time they will be referring to the area around Comporta. The local area is around an hour and a half drive to the capital Lisbon.

Comporta Portugal Real Estate

There is a 12km stretch of white sandy beaches with luxury houses and villas for sale. If you are specifically looking to buy magnificent luxury Comporta Portugal Real Estate for sale, this is the place to begin. The village is less than 1km from the beach at its farthest point. The beach sweeps to the south and north, the dunes behind the beach protecting the land from the mighty Atlantic.

It is a great draw in the warmer summer months, but in the winter, you will have much of the beach to yourself. Great for walks with loved ones or finding the peace that solitude brings if you prefer walking solo. The beaches are similar to those you might find in Cascais and the local area but are less crowded in the summer months.

As you might expect, the local area is much quieter than the Algarve and offers a more laidback, bohemian lifestyle. It has what some have called a ‘hip’ atmosphere and has tempted many a celebrity for its more low-key scene. With a fast developing a reputation for being Portugal’s most ‘chic’ resort yet still stays unspoiled.

Comporta Villas

Have a look at the Comporta Portugal Real Estate listings we have for sale in this area including Troia and Setubal.

Are you considering moving to Portugal as a permanent resident or are you looking to invest in property in Portugal to rent out and earn income? Whatever your reason for searching out Comporta Property For Sale , we will not disappoint you. Comporta Villas vary in price, demand is high.

The entire area is a protected nature reserve.

It is for these two reasons that the pristine nature of the local area has been preserved, and as such remains a big draw as property and planning is strictly and tightly controlled.

It differs from anywhere you have been in the past. The name Comporta  –  indicates a gate that keeps back water, a lock. Which makes sense when you see the number of canals there are.

In the heat of summertime, when the rest of the country (bar the Algarve golf courses) is dusty and dry, this location still thrums with life.

In high summertime, makeshift stalls pepper the side of the roadway, stacked with watermelons, artichokes, tomatoes that taste of sunlight. Knobbly lemons the size of grapefruit hang heavy from the trees. The ground pours forth flowers and veggies and fruit. It’s hard to think about anywhere else so fertile, so plentiful.

Houses For Sale Comporta Portugal

If you are searching for a little piece of Portugal which remains unspoiled. With no major development. No high-rise hotels or main highways running through the middle. Comporta is the place for you. The local area around Comporta is mainly set aside for agriculture and is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Land For Sale in Comporta – Location Guide

It is one of the 7 towns that comprise Herdade da Comporta. It remains in the Alentejo region, 10 minutes south of Comporta by car. Surrounded by remarkable rice paddies that change the colours of the landscape according to the seasons – a terrific sight! The weather is moderate year round. A perfect place for a holiday in Portugal or to take up permanent residence.

This little town has the advantage of lying next to the Sado nature reserve and the lovely beaches. They are renowned for their wild beauty and well-known beach restaurants.

There is a growing appeal for Comporta and its region.

The village of Comporta in Portugal has a long main street with one of the most gorgeous hotels of the region. Along with antique and home decor stores and a variety of normal cafes and dining establishments. The homes of the regional homeowners and traveller lodging are centred around this street and spread as far as the beaches and the flamboyant rice paddies.


Is property cheap in Portugal?
Property prices in Portugal vary from region to region. But, property prices are lower in Portugal when compared to comparable locations in Europe.

Where is the best place to live in Portugal?
If you’re looking to buy houses for sale Comporta Portugal. The west coast is very attractive. The prices compare very favourably against similar property in the Algarve.