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The Troia Peninsula is one of the most amazing coastlines of Property for sale Troia Portugal . With a 13km stretch of pristine sands. Crystal clear waters and pine forested sand dunes. Hidden within the pine forests are exclusive tourist developments. Offering chic and secluded holidays for those who can afford the cost of super-luxury.

Finding property for sale in Troia has been made easy for the modern buyer. As we have selected the finest properties available on the market. In this beautiful location in our luxury property portfolio. One of the most unique areas in Portugal. Check out our properties below.

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The top-class reputation of Troia originates from the 1980s when the magnificent Troia Golf was constructed. This golf course is still considered as one of Portugal’s finest. Tróia is famed for its beautiful beaches For the average tourist. Troia is an outstanding beach destination and is easily accessible from Setubal due to the regular and inexpensive ferry service.

It was the site of a major Roman settlement. And today there are large ruins on the eastern side. Troia has a reputation for exclusivity and wealth. But it is actually a peaceful and scenic stretch of coastline. Which is highly recommend to visit. This guide will provide an introduction to Troia.

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Our clientele range from retirees and successful business people looking for property for sale in Troia. Either a dream home in the sun or famous celebrities and athletes looking for private  properties to enjoy with their family and friends.