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Property for sale Estrela

Search Fine Luxury Property to find Property for sale Estrela Real Estate. If you are looking to get away from the touristy crowds in the city centre of Lisbon,  Villa Estrela area might be the area for you!

Property For Sale Estrela

Check out the properties we have listed for this beautiful neighbourhood. It is a great location with great deals of green space not yet found by the tourists. There are not as many attractions as in the city centre of Lisbon, however for rest and relaxation this district is absolutely perfect!

Another plus is that this area doesn’t have a great deal of hills, so you can easily get anywhere on foot or bike. Specifically if you are taking a trip with kids and you are sporting a buggy or child carrier, then you will see that this area is particularly suitable. 

Villa Estrela

In all these cases, this district reveals itself to be an excellent option. Despite the reality that the last stop of Eltrico 28. Remains in front of the primary entrance of the Baslica da Estrela. The other significant tourist attraction of the Basilica da Estrela is the 500 figured nativity scene. Which was sculptured out of cork by the artist Joaquim Machado de Castro. The huge nativity scene is on permanent display. Across the roadway from the Basilica da Estrela is the wonderful Jardim da Estrela Park. This the ideal area to  relax in Lisbon’s delightful climate. And buy a villa Estrela. 

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